It was great – will continue to highly recommend you!

RH – USA – September 2013 (Second trip with BC)

The tour met our (and my, in particular) desire to do things rather than just get dragged around to a lot of museums and historic sites and provided with a lot of trivial facts that bore you death and you forget before the next morning!! There were no criticisms of the itinerary or activities. Accommodation: Overall absolutely fantastic.

DR – Australia – September 2013

The trip was terrific and being on the coast was a good antidote to landlocked Armenia & Georgia. The Turkish coast is now very developed and it was good to get away from those areas by staying in [smaller villages]. In Istanbul, [your accommodation choice] with that view was fabulous!

JH – Australia – September 2013

We have been very impressed with Backpacker Concierge’s recommended program and your consistent follow up. We have recommended your company to friends in Canada as well as people we met along the way in Turkey.

JS – Canada – August 2013

I think it’s fair to say that all expectations were met or exceeded. Egypt is a fascinating and most enjoyable country to visit with a wonderful combination of historical sites and beautiful seaside resorts. Of course there is tension at the moment but Egyptian hosts take such good care of you. If you travel just listen to what the locals say. We waited to the last minute to visit the Egyptian Museum because of its location – but our guide knew well what times if day could be difficult. The bonus of things being quiet is that you won’t have to wait long for anything – which for us travelling with young kids was a real bonus!

RL – UK – August 2013

While on the journey: We continue having a marvelous and very romantic stay. Afterwards: Really hope people can realize that the Red Sea is safe, quiet and really a world apart from any political troubles. Our last days in Istanbul, as I have already written to you, were simply amazing. Guided tours were really interesting.

MS – Italy – August 2013 (Second and third trips with BC. They just booked their fourth, fifth, and sixth trips for 2014!!!)

We had a truly amazing holiday with Backpacker Concierge. Your pre trip management was excellent as you crafted our trip for our particular family needs. What we saw and experienced in Egypt with our 9 and 10 year old children will remain as highlight memories for the rest of our lives: Aswan and the Felucca sail followed by camel ride and evening meal prepared onboard the boat! The Great Pyramids and Cairo Museum with the sensational relics of Tutankamun! Tropical fish and coral, a snorkeler’s feast!!

SL – UK – August 2013

Our fast Egypt experience was great, we will consider Backpacker concierge as the first option for all of our upcoming trips. Everything was managed very efficiently and in a personal and friendly way. The experience of visiting Egypt is exhilarating, not a quiet and easy-going trip but definitely with a special charm and worth the effort. We would do it again without a second thought.

PV – Mexico – July 2013

We had an absolutely wonderful time in Egypt and Jordan. BC made it terrifically easy and let us concentrate on what we came to do (food, sights and shopping). We loved the Egyptians and their attitude and sense of humour during such a period of change. Jordan is amazing with so much diversity and acceptance. It’s such a shame that tourism is suffering and people are missing out on seeing a wonderful part of the world.

CH – Australia – June 2013

To start it off, our minds were blown by Cappadocia. What a way to start a trip. The walk was brilliant; our guide was really great, and the beer at Fat Boys a perfect end to a perfect day. We thought it would be hard to beat, but the entire trip was just one delight after another. I’m telling you, everyplace we arrived we just kind of laughed, and couldn’t believe we were there. Thank you for planning us another winner. You found us interesting, out of the ordinary places to stay that we wouldn’t have found on our own, and planned us an itinerary to amazing places we didn’t even know existed. You’re advice and expertise meant we avoided crowds, met local people, and got to see things a little off the beaten track. So a thousand thank you’s.

BS – Canada – May 2013 (Second trip with BC)

Overall the trip was very nice. Everything was well planned out and gave us a great trip. We found the Egyptian people lovely, friendly, and gracious. Outside of the tourist centers it was one of the most welcoming and easy places to travel that I have ever visited.

JD – Canada – May 2013

We can’t thank or compliment you enough!!

LM – United States – May 2013

Thank you so much for all your assistance with the trip, I had a great time and thought it was very successful. Thank you again for everything and I look forward to visiting Egypt again as soon as possible.

SA – United States – May 2013

We had a great time in Petra! We got there and back no problem and had a lovely tour with Moath. He was super informative and had a very relaxed style that worked well for me and my friend Rachel. Our tour of Petra was the highlight and we have nothing but high praise for Moath and wanted to make sure we have the feedback. Thank you for coordinating a well organised day trip. Everything went to plan.

JJ – UK – April 2013

Many many thanks to you and also the whole team of the Backpacker Concierge for making my trip wonderful! Egypt is a magnificent country, which I might not be able to enjoy fully without your support. The travel plan you prepared for me was a superb combination of sightseeing and relaxation. Although I enjoyed almost everything, the most enjoyable part for me was the Felucca Excursion with local lunch! It was spectacular!!! I wish I could spend days after days on that Felucca and enjoy the magnificent atmosphere.

TF – Bangladesh – April 2013

We want to thank you again for the INCREDIBLE experience you organized. The service and people were more outstanding than I ever could have imagined.

MB – United States – March 2013

Thanks to the Backpacker team for providing an experience of Egypt that was magical, serene and soul rejuvenating – so different from what is portrayed in the media. The team clearly loved what they were doing, and their enthusiasm was infectious. We’re having serious withdrawal symptoms, but hope to be back again soon!

SA – Denmark – March 2013

Backpacker Concierge – great for those who have swapped backpacks for diapers – but still want to explore the world independently, but safely. both thought the arrangements made by BC were excellent and could not fault them at all. The three guides were clearly of the highest standard and appropriate for families, the drivers and their vehicles were safe and the hotels were good within the budget range.

JM – UK – March 2013

We really enjoyed our time in Turkey. The walking tours in Istanbul were great, probably our favorite was the culinary tour. Cappadocia was great too. We loved the tour guide for the day in the underground city, Goreme Open Air museum.

JG – Canada – March 2013 (Second trip with BC)

Back to reality! Thanks for organising a wonderful Egypt experience.

SB – Australia – March 2013

We planned to visit Egypt for eight days as part of a larger trip through Africa and Europe. For the other countries, we spent hours and hours in front of a computer and poring over guidebooks to develop and book our travel plans. There is so much information out there that it’s often overwhelming to plan a trip. We prefer independent travel over packaged group tours, and when we came across Backpacker Concierge operating in Egypt, they seems like a good fit for us. They really took the time to understand what kind of experiences we were looking for, and they were very well organized. Once we were on the ground, everything ran smoothly, and with the loaner cell phone, Backpacker Concierge was only ever a phone call away if we needed something. We especially appreciated the high quality guides that we had for the temples, museums, and other historical sites. The guides really “made” this trip for us. Even if we had of spent months in planning, we couldn’t have planned this trip on our own, and we would recommend Backpacker Concierge without reservation to anyone visiting Egypt. The price was very reasonable too, and it was good value. Our only complaint is that they’re not operating in all the other countries we want to visit!

TL – Canada – February 2013

We would like to let you know that we have been fully satisfied by the services offered by your organization during our last trip to Egypt. Be sure we will recommend you to all our friends.

SS – Italy – January 2013

Thank you very much for all your time and assistance. We had a great trip and we couldn’t have done it without you.

RN – United States – January 2013

We had a magical time sailing down the Nile, found everyone incredibly friendly and our trip tailored by Backpacker Concierge to suit the interests of our group. With recent negative press about protests in Egypt, we had some initial concerns about travel in the country, but found these entirely unfounded and we travelled with ease.

JW – Australia – January 2013

We highly enjoyed our holiday and it’s incredible how what you suggested perfectly matched our tastes beyond any expectations. Everything was supremely organized and we had the opportunity to experience our destination unlike any we had experienced before. A special thank you to all the guides who were eager to share with us the passion for their country and to you for providing such a great service. It’s a pity that the current political situation is keeping tourists away from Egypt because we felt completely safe and well taken care of during our holiday.

MZ – Italy – January 2013

The trip was absolutely fantastic and the organization very smooth and more than met expectations, and all our guests were very happy.

JW – Australia – January 2013

We had a good trip in Egypt, thanks to you. You have definitely exceeded our expectations. Having you do the planning for us was the only thing that saved our trip in Egypt. The guides you picked for us were great and we were happy with the cruise. I would definitely recommend your services to all my friends.

SK – India – January 2013

First of all, thank you very much for assembling this trip for us. It exceeded expectations. Especially given the political nuttiness in Cairo over the last week, [my wife] and I marveled at what a different world it is further south. It was a perfect reminder that there is an Egypt beyond Tahrir Square, and that it is as beautiful and worth visiting as ever.

The dahabiya was excellent. The boat staff exceeded expectations: they were polite, punctual, very helpful, and the food was possibly the best we have had in our seven months here in Egypt.

DM – Australia – December 2012

[We] were very impressed and even blown away by the amount of support we got throughout the trip. Thank you for making our trip happen in such a short amount of time.

CH – United States – November 2012

I wanted to thank you for all of your help in arranging the driver/food on the night in the Petra desert. We had so much fun. The food was fantastic and our driver was a pleasure to be around. Such a great experience was had all round.

PM – England – November 2012

Our trip was truly something I will never forget. I cannot thank you enough for putting together such a wonderful experience for us. When you travel to another country it is so hard to feel like you are connected with it. Many times you bounce from one tourist site to another and when you leave it feels like you somehow missed the whole thing. Egypt has so many beautiful temples and we certainty did see a lot of them, but what your company is truly exceptional at doing is getting us in contact with real Egyptians who were so incredibly hospitable and eager to share their home with us. The things that you were able to set us up with (such as having a dinner in an Egyptian home, riding bikes through sugarcane fields) are only things that someone who has lived in Egypt and knows people can connect you with. We did all the must-see tourist stuff, but I also left Egypt feeling like I had really met people & learned something new about the world.

LG – United States – November 2012

I want to say I’ve been extraordinarily happy with the how all the Backpacker Concierge voyages have gone [in Turkey, Jordan, and Egypt], and I will definitely recommend you in the future. Thank you for all you’ve done and the tight ship you run.

BL – United States – November 2012

It was a fantastic trip. Thank you for all the setup and planning to make it effortless for us! We loved [our private dahabiya], Captain Iteef and the crew! Our guides were wonderful! Sahar gets an ‘A’. Fatma and Moustafa were excellent, too.

JB – United States – October 2012

We wanted to thank you very much for putting together such a gorgeous program for us. We saw everything we wanted to see, we saw it in style and comfort. Going out on such a ridiculous note – three nights on the dahabiya and the day room at the Moudira – was simply the best, too.

RB – United States – October 2012

I had an excellent, free-spirited adventure in the desert, and our driver was an enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and accommodating guide. The accommodation was absolutely stunning.

SY – United States – September 2012

This was a really great short-break and I can’t say enough positive things about my guide. He was a pleasure to be around. He was clearly extremely knowledgeable but it was his energetic personality that made this especially fun.

Likewise, I was very pleased with your level of communication and support leading up to the trip and how you helped to incorporate my interests into a recommended package for these two days. I certainly would be looking to you guys again whenever I might end up back in Egypt or one of the other countries you work in.

MS – United States – September 2012

Thank you so much for your fantastic itinerary and execution. My husband and I enjoyed ourselves immensely and thoroughly appreciate all your hard work behind the scenes. You made our trip seamless.

All our guides were great – testament to your professionalism and being able to match appropriately. I will certainly tell my friends and family of Backpacker Concierge’s excellent service.

PH – United States – August 2012

Everything on the entire trip was wonderful. The guides, representatives and drivers were all fantastic, especially Abdul (Guide) and Sam (Travel Rep – special points for him, he was very attentive and helpful) in Aswan and Mustafa (Guide) in Luxor. The hotels were just perfect – we cannot recommend the Old Cataract enough and the staff were the most professional and attentive we’ve ever met.

Best thing about the trip was your information sheets – from the well written itinerary to the Cairo shopping guide, and the tipping guide- a real lifesaver. The trip went better than we could have hoped, and we’re really grateful for all your work.

LG – Australia – August 2012

We had a good time discovering Egypt thanks to your services. We found staff generally very helpful and committed.

EB – France – March 2012

We had a fantastic time. Our safari guide was lovely, and the drivers were very professional. Thanks for making sure we were looked after so well in general. Fabulous use of a weekend, and everyone was so chuffed when they got to the end.

EW – Australia – March 2012

We had a wonderful trip! I thought the coordination of services that you arranged was amazing. We had one terrific guide after another. They were always prompt, thorough, and extremely courteous.  This made the entire trip infinitely more efficient. We were constantly on the go and able to see many terrific sites and engage in activities that I’m sure we would not otherwise have done, such as the camel and rides.  You are to be credited for all the work that you did in putting this together. Thank you very much. I will certainly look you up in the future for our next expedition!

RJ – United States – February 2012

I need to let you know how fantastic your service has truly been.

You were with us every step of the way, whether it was your partners or a phone call. Your service provide my family and I with a feeling of security and comfort every step of the way. Every one of your partners were professional, personable, and fun to be with. For us, important highlights were the experiences with the actual people within their living environments, such as the meal on the felucca cooked by Mahmoud, meeting Mahmoud’s family, eating at their home, and our time at the camel school camp with Mohammed, his family and Gordon. The Backpacker Concierge concept provides for truly special and unique experiences.

PM – Canada – February 2012

We had a fantastic time in Egypt! The guides and schedule you put together for us truly made the trip and you were so right about the desert. That was not to be missed and the guides were great!

Backpacker Concierge is a class act. I will recommend you highly.

SF – United States – January 2012

Service was very professional and responsive. Eric was very quick to respond to requests and designed a tour based on my specific needs under a very short notice. I had a very special experience in Egypt thanks to their suggestions.

JC – United States – January 2012

Everything was great! I’ll definitely send people your way if anyone talks about going to Egypt for a future holiday.

JM – Iraq – December 2011

You provide the best concierge [service] that backpackers could ever ask in Egypt. Backpacker Concierge was excellent all the way from designing the program to delivering the tour. The [program] itself was smooth and timely in all connections, the guides were first class and there were absolutely no scams (like a visit to a “Papyrus museum”). Such a smooth experience is rare in the chaotic Egyptian tourism industry. Although our trip was during the tumultuous time of post-revolution Egypt, we felt very safe and comfortable, were well taken care of, and were given full freedom to explore interesting things at our own pace every step of the way.

XW – China – November 2011

Really, you organized an exceptional 7 days for us. It was seamless from start to finish, and exceeded all our expectations. We could not thank you enough for the trouble you obviously took and for your
personal attention.

AS – UK – September 2011

Thanks again for a great experience in Jordan and Egypt!

GK – United States – August 2011

Always something to look forward to. Nothing ‘ordinary’ about this adventure. Contacts beyond belief. Day after day, time after time, the ‘Wow Factor’!

JS – Australia – June 2011

What an absolutely fabulous trip! I don’t know where to start. Everyone was so nice and all the arrangements went very smoothly. I can’t thank you enough for organizing all this and making it possible for us to do it. My only regret is not being able to doing it again.

EA – United States – May 2011

To say it was an amazing trip is an understatement, thanks to you!!!

DK – Singapore – February 11

We all had a fantastic time [on our private sandal boat]. Mahmoud and the crew were lovely. They kept an eye on us in a very unobtrusive way and yet I always felt looked after. The food was great and I’m still trying to work some of that off. I came away feeling that I had truly been on a vacation and I think that is true for everyone. If it is possible to fall in love with a river, then I have a crush on the Nile. And what a lovely, peaceful way to experience it!

RM – United States – January 11

My wife and I wish to thank you for our extraordinary trip in Egypt. I have lived all over the world (moved 19 times in 25 years) and travelled all over the world and can knowingly say that our Egypt trip, as organised by Backpacker Concierge, was just exceptional and very good value for money.

TK – Australia – January 11

Thank you so much for all your help. I hope we return to Cairo someday, and maybe take a trip to Luxor. Please stay in touch, we will be sending business your way for sure.

TH – United States – January 11

I want to thank you again for all of your arranging. The guides were knowledgeable, interesting people, passionate about their history and their culture. And the absolute, hands-down best day of the entire trip (maybe any of our trips!) was our day in the desert with Nasser. Every activity was even better than it sounded and deserving of exclamation points. Sandboarding! Tomb-exploring!

[Our private sandal] was always the prettiest boat on the river, the cabins are romantic, and the chef deserves his own cookbook! To produce the huge mouth-watering multi-dish feasts, always different, out of a galley kitchen is astonishing. I grew up in the restaurant business, and I love to cook, so I know what it takes. I wanted all of his recipes. Perfectly balanced, perfectly spiced, the food was so good it silenced the table.

The whole trip: A+

AC – United States – December 10

We all enjoyed our Egypt trip very much. The highlight was really the White Desert and [we were] super impressed with our driver who cooked us a super delicious meal with [a] simple set up and ingredients. We were surprised it wasn’t a more popular tourist spot. You truly did an amazing job in arranging the itinerary [and we] felt that we have made very good use of every single minute of our trip there. All the transportation and communication was perfect as well.

CC – United States/Hong Kong – December 10

Our guide was BRILLIANT, so knowledgeable, such a fun person to spend our time with and so perfect.

NB – South Africa – December 10

We had an incredible time with the package you put together for us. Since we had another tour planned for us by a different company, we had a rare opportunity to directly compare the service you provided to that another tour company. Backpacker Concierge was far superior in every way. The pre-trip planning was superlative–we really appreciate that you sought us out when we were unable to reply to your e-mails, and wish we had a similar experience with our other agency (who would had to track down ourselves with great difficulty). The provided prepaid phone was immensely useful. The driver we had was always extremely helpful, patient and accommodating- -he was always on time, drove carefully, and was able to relay points of interest and changes in plans with full clarity despite our language barrier. This took him considerable effort and we appreciated it greatly. The guides were astonishingly excellent. Mohamed in particular was unfazed by any and all questions related to history and culture, and went out of his way to ensure we experienced the city rather than just ferry us through it–his true love for Cairo was apparent on his every word. Under your guides we ate well, experienced Cairo’s rare delights, and learned an incredible amount. In my years of international travel I’ve never had a better experience in a program. We will happily plan all of our future excursions to Egypt and Jordan through Backpacker Concierge.

JK – United States – November 10

We loved Egypt. And the tour was great! Thanks to you for all the organising and for being patient while I changed my mind so many times while trying to sort out the itinerary. Highlights for us were the camel trek at sunset, the private overnight felucca, and the bike tour in Luxor.

RA – Australia – November 10

We have only positive things to report regarding our Western Desert trip. All logistics we handled in an extremely professional manner, including all email correspondence and from the pick-up in Luxor through to our drop-off in Cairo. We’d like to particularly acknowledge our driver, Achmed, for his humour, skill on (and off) the road, and for the best meals that we enjoyed in country.

JC – Canada – November 10

We thoroughly enjoyed the trip. It was well thought out and everything went to plan. Egypt sightseeing was great. Planning/communication/implementation was all done well. Our contacts/ guides were knowledgeable and helpful.

NT – Australia – November 10

We got back last night and I was planning on writing to tell you what a fabulous time we all had. We all loved our guide in Cairo. Lamia was warm, funny and very knowledgeable about past and current Egyptian events and culture. She really made the difference for our daughter Katie. Katie was afraid of tombs and didn’t want to go inside. During our visit to Sakkara, Lamia told her all about how Egyptians loved animals and showed her the paintings of hippos, crocodiles, and a boy holding a pig. Before we knew it, Katie was bounding down the ramps to look at more. She was really wonderful.

Our Western Desert Loop trip was equally good. We loved our guide, Michael, and driver Sayed. We had a great time and it definitely surpassed our expectations. We had hired another driver and guide on our own while we were there through our hotel in Aswan. The guide didn’t come close to the quality of Backpacker Concierge (and truthfully he was a little offensive toward women too). I would recommend Backpacker Concierge to all of our friends without hesitation.

Thank you so much for making our trip to Egypt one of the best trips we have ever taken!

MB – United States – November 10

We wanted to thank you for organizing a great trip for us! We were very pleased with the exceptional service provided by the transfer drivers, guides and the hotel staff. Everything ran on time (which is a miracle in a developing country really – there was no India-time waits on this trip thankfully!!). Having everything prearranged made our short time in Egypt as relaxing as it could be while we stuffed in as much sightseeing as possible.

We fell in love with Jordan, how I only wish we had another 2 weeks to spend there! So amazing and gorgeous; we had a fabulous time there too!

RW – Canada – October 10

I loved the Safari trip! The guide was a very nice man and he made the trip very memorable. We had a fantastic night in the desert with Waheed.

KE – Sweden – October 10

Eric, everything was perfect. This was exactly the trip we had hoped for. All of the guides were amazing and all of our drivers were knowledgeable professional, fun, courteous and accommodating. The phone made us feel we could have contact for any issues, and we always felt safe and comfortable.

JH – United States – October 10

I am really glad Jean suggested that we have you organize our trip! You did a fantastic job, and everything went according to the itinerary. The transportation everywhere was excellent. Mohammed in Cairo was always on time, friendly, and careful. The personalized guiding was perfect (we’re thankful we were not part of a huge tour group). The guides, were so knowledgable, kind, and enthusiastic. The accommodations were great, especially the campsite and food in Elijah’s Basin! Our trip was such a great survey of Egypt given our time frame. We enjoyed our time in each location…we loved Alexandria (especially the library!) and wish we could have spent more time there…and the free days were a great way to relax.

Your detailed preparation documents were outstanding. It was so helpful to have the tipping summary. It is such a great idea to provide a cellphone.

MS – United States – October 10

We had a marvelous time in Cairo and Alexandria thanks to your great plan and staff. What a thrill. The car, hotel and dinner cruise were all first class. Your staff is excellent, warm and informative. We learned more than history and facts, like you had promised. Having a female guide was a special addition to our learning curve. She was superb, gracious and admired by us greatly. A 10 out of 10!

PP – United States – October 10

We had a GREAT time in Egypt and Jordan. Thanks a lot for making all the arrangements – we were amazed with how smoothly things went .We will certainly recommend Backpacker Concierge to anyone who plans to do a trip like ours.We already told everyone we met about how great it was to have our tour organized by you.

MG – United States – October 10

Jordan was AMAZING! It exceeded my expectations and truly has a very special place in my heart. Egypt was fantastic, the pyramids were everything that I thought that they would be. Seeing them was a dream come true for me. Our time in Luxor was short, but totally worthwhile (so thank you for recommending that we go!) Cairo is a hectic city but full of friendliness and hospitality. Our city guide, Lamia, was fantastic – full of information, energy and humor.

While they are two different experiences, Jordan has truly found a special place in my heart. Jordan was just a beautiful country, full of great food and awesome people – we have a ton of memories and feel like we made some great new friends.

ML – United States – September 10

We [booked a Nile cruise with private guide], so when we arrived at each of the temples along the Nile, our guide was there waiting solely for us (so we weren’t part of some big tour group). [He] always gave us time to look around ourselves after he had given us a guide around the site, and never once tried to whisk us away to some tacky perfume or papyrus shop. Whilst cruising, we were able to sit up on deck and take in the Nile as we passed local fishermen, locals washing by the riverbank, local kids playing and swimming in the Nile – who I might add get very excited when they see the cruise ships and wave like mad. Also, after visiting temples, we would return very hot, and there was nothing more refreshing than a dip in the pool/air-con of our room.

AB – UK – August 10

Thank you for a wonderful journey through Egypt. You did an excellent job of planning for us and communicating with us throughout our stay. We felt safe and well cared for throughout our stay. Overall, all of the guides were excellent. The drivers were great. The sightseeing was perfect. The felucca crew was unbeatable. We loved being personally taken care of instead of herded around with a big group of tourists. We had a great time and would recommend your company to other travelers. We were very impressed by how most of the people we dealt with knew you personally

KR – United States – August 10

I would like to thank you for your perfect arranging. Thanks to coordinators, guides and drivers, too. All eight of us spent wonderful days in Egypt.

AL – Italy – July 10

Egypt was absolutely wonderful and the itinerary you put together was fantastic! It was very well scheduled for us to be able to see as much as we can with the time that we had. It was great. I
thank you very much.

LF – Syria – July 10

Our trip to Egypt was excellent. we enjoyed visiting the sites and learning a great deal about ancient and present-day Egyptian culture. Our guides in Cairo, the White Desert, and Luxor were incredibly informative and enthusiastic, and they were critical in making our trip a successful one. Our transport coordinators and drivers were extremely nice. In fact, we were delayed at the airport for about an hour upon arriving to cairo, but, fortunately, they waited for us nonetheless.

AA – United States – May 10

My husband and I have told so many stories of our time on the Nile, our friends on [our sandal boat] and the amazing services Backpacker Concierge provided. I didn’t realize that I was calling off season, that there truly weren’t many smaller boats out on the Nile during the week Gregg and I requested. Now knowing the efforts of yourself, and the team of the sandal to plan and deliver the best vacation of our lives, I extend my heartfelt thanks to everyone involved in our adventure. And the food! Chef Nasr fed us like Pharoahs with regional specialties, fun new things to try and an incredible eggplant dish every night, and although it was too warm to gain weight, we should have based on all the bounty we ate. No request was ever denied, more that if you asked for a banana, you’d receive a bunch, now that’s service.

SH – United States – May 10

A great time was had by all! Mohamed, [our Sinai trekking guide], was brilliant. The children really enjoyed it and the food was great. I will definitely be giving you a great review.
GA – UK – April 10

Everything went great: [cruise] boat was nice, food amazing, and itinerary fantastic. Your team was helpful and prompt. Thanks for making this a special journey.

PD – United States – March 10

My husband and two children (10 and 12) spent two weeks in Egypt and Jordan and had a fabulous time! Our trip started in Cairo where we enjoyed the pyramids, museums, and Garbage City! Our trip to Garbage city was a highlight because it enabled us to see what some amazing people are doing to help the poor and save the environment at the same time. It was very inspiring and motivating. The felucca boat ride from Aswan to Luxor, was a great relaxing day enjoying the beautiful Nile. We then traveled to Dahab where we enjoyed relaxing on the beach, snorkeling in the Red Sea, camel riding and hiking Mount Sinai. We were blessed with a super day on our snorkel, seeing loads of colourful fish, sea cucumbers and even a Sea Turtle. We were challenged climbing Mt. Sinai but the view was worth it and we had a super tasty lunch at Elijah’s Basin made by a local Bedouin…yummy! Jordan rounded off the trip with the tombs at Petra, a Jordanian cooking class and floating in the Dead Sea. It was a trip of the life time filled with adventures, super food and great people. Backpacker Concierge did a great job planning the trip and giving us unique experiences

.JP – United States – March 10

Thanks for arranging the entire Egypt program. We really enjoyed the holiday.

SP – Dubai – March 10

I had a wonderful time and I will absolutely recommend you. Thanks for all of your help.

MS – United States – March 10

We all had an absolute ball and loved every minute of the trip. Thanks so much for all the hard work Eric and Jaymie put into organizing our trip – would not hesitate to recommend your company to anyone travelling to Egypt.

MB – UK – March 10

Everything with Backpacker Concierge was great – I would not hesitate to recommend you guys to other travelers. In a region that is often filled with hassle, you were extremely helpful and easy to work with. Thank you!

MK – United States – February 10

Our trip was wonderful and perfectly well organized. As I have traveled a lot, I can say it is my second best trip so far (Myanmar is the first). I was really impressed with the organization and really appreciated the cell that you provided with all the phone numbers. It is a perfect idea that helps us feel less unsecured. I will recommend without any hesitation, your company to anyone going to Egypt. We were really satisfied and you showed also a great deal of patience with all the emails for the trip itinerary and organization. 20 full days, in Egypt, we have the feeling we really took our time to enjoy Egypt’s rhythm. Our itinerary left us a lot of free time for us to enjoy, so it was really a vacation for us.

All the drivers, coordinators, representatives and guides we meet were professional. We particularly appreciated the fact that you could find a French speaking women guide for Cairo. Maysa’s personnality was a real bonus. Her knowledge of Egypt and history as well as the love of her country combined with her work at the Museum made our Cairo visit very special.

LB – Canada – December 09

We had a great time in Egypt, very largely thenks to you. The fleucca trip was just great – Mahmoud was an outstanding person to have as captain, extraordinarily creative and hospitable. He and his crew made our sail on the Nile a real treat, and he knew all the best places to go to – the Nubian house at Darow was a big highlight.

The desert trip was fantastic too. It was amazing to be able to have meals in Waheed’s home. He set up camp miraculously quickly and produced another marvellous meal in the desert. He also knew the landscape like the back of his hand and showed me scenery I will never forget.

JE – UK – December 09

I am just so thankful that you planned this trip. It was so amazing and I can not possibly think of one thing I would have wanted different. I hope that I am able to do it again in Morocco.

SV – United States – December 09

It’s been our most favorite holiday ever! And I will be recommending you to our friends!

HR – UK – December 09

We have appreciated very much our customized program experience with you and your team. Since we came back, we speak about it very much and inform many people about our trip and your services. I think that you actually work on projects with people I have reffered: Nathalie Lebrasseur (she works in my organisation) and probably Alain Lemay (a brother’s friend).

We wish you a happy new year, with good business all way long. You give a very good service so we are not afraid about your success

SM – Quebec – December 09

All I can say is “WOW!” Everyone on this trip was soo great. Especially Natasha, Wahed, Shaban and all the felucca boatmen! I forget our captains name (Muhammad?), he seemed to be great friends with Shaban, but he was also amazing! We have memories from this trip that I never thought we would have and it is all because of these amazing people you set us up with. Egypt was fantastic but they made this trip! We just had a blast with everyone. The tour itself was great too!

We really got the most out of our time in Egypt and we got too see some amazing sights. I don’t know how many people actually get to see as much of Egypt as we did or enjoy it the way we did. Thank you very much Eric, I would definately do this again!

CR and JM – Canada – November 09

We had an AMAZING time and can’t say enough about your services. Basically I’m your biggest fan and will be telling EVERYONE I know to go to Egypt!

KO – United States – September 09

Thanks to you Egypt far exceeded my expectations. I truly felt that we were taken care of every step of the way, and all the guides and drivers were extremely helpful and accommodating. We loved Mama Randa — she has a wealth of knowledge about Egypt and did a wonderful job in making us feel at ease. I truly don’t think our trip could’ve gone any better than it did. I give you nothing but rave reviews for doing such a phenomenal job in orchestrating such a fantastic two weeks.

MC – United States – September 09

Thanks so much for putting together such a fantastic trip. I really feel like we got a chance to see a significant amount of Egypt in a short period of time. Everything was top notch and your organization of it all was impeccable.

CG – United States – September 09

We had a great great time! Thank you so much for coordinating everything. The felucca ride in Aswan was great! We had such a good time and would definitely recommend it to others as a side trip.

EK – United States – September 09

I did have a wonderful time in Egypt! I traveled to 35 countries in the world but Egypt is one of the most amazing. found your business model great. The telephone system is really good as as a customer I knew that I could ask for help whenever it was necessary.

JT – Japan – September 09

Thank you for a very well organized trip. We had a great time. We really liked how responsive you or your colleagues were. The [free] cell phone is a great idea. Pick-ups, transportation, organization all worked out perfectly. We never had to wait, people were very friendly and helpful. We had a very positive impression of everyone who works with you. The tipping summary is very helpful.

JK – Germany/United States – August 09

The [2-night felucca] ride was great, in particular because of Hassan and Ibrahim, who were very laid back and just what we wanted. Thank you for this wonderful experience!

TP – United States – July 09

Erin and I both had a fantastic time on the felucca. Mahmoud and Captain Anwar (Rambo) and his son were great company and excellent guides. They were really a lot of fun and everything was perfect. I’ll definitely recommend you organization to others.

DL – Jordan – May 09

We are back in the US and settling into daily life. We had a wonderful time in Egypt [during our honeymoon] and can’t say enough good things about your service. All the tour guides, drivers, etc you organized were fantastic, helpful people. The schedule was hectic but just what we wanted. Thanks especially for taking care of all the small details, particularly the car service in evenings when we went out to restaurants. Navigating the taxi scene in Egypt would have been intimidating, I enjoyed our evenings immensely because I was not concerned about getting back to our hotel.

CG – United States – March 2009

[The White Desert] safari definitely met our expectations – it was a wonderful experience. The white desert is an amazing place, and we thoroughly enjoyed the company of Wahed and the rest of the crew, who treated us to some live drumming and singing around the fire. The dinner was very scrumptious as well.

IL – Canada – February 2009

It was wonderful! And we can’t wait to get back there. We loved [our Cairo Egyptologist] Randa. She was so informative and organized. It was all perfect. Thanks for everything. If you want to see the pictures and what we wrote about Egypt (and everywhere else), you can visit our blog,

CVW – United States – January 2009

Enjoyed an excellent days sailing north from Aswan and highly recommend the service provided by Backpackers … A complete package with excellent support in Luxor helped ensure a fabulous end to our trip.

MG – England – January 2009

What was key to making the most of our days was having all the details arranged (hotels, cars, tour guides) through Backpacker Concierge. They do some packages, but we got a totally customized itinerary that included just the stuff we wanted. [The owner] has a pretty good sense for traveling (as opposed to tourism) — most of the drivers and hotels knew him personally and were super easy to work with. All of the little stuff that can be annoying (buying tickets, finding hotels, closed museums) were not a problem at all — we were able to cruise through an area that can be pretty difficult to visit.

JM – United States – January 2009

My family just returned from 2 incredible weeks traveling in Egypt. It could not have been done without the help and attention of Eric from Backpacker Concierge. From the planning stage to traveling, including train and plane, everything went smoothly and if we ever needed help, Eric was always a phone call away. The guides in each place were informative AND fun to be with, all local contacts that Eric knows personally. He has information about all sorts of hotels, but mostly, if you like traveling off the beaten path, he has lots of interesting ideas and places to stay. In Aswan we stayed in a Nubian Guest House. In the Western Desert we stayed in an eco-lodge, to mention a few. He will customize your trip just the way you want it and as much or as little as you need. No pre-packaged trips.We have never organized a trip over the internet before, but we took a chance and I am so glad we did. If you are used to doing things on your own, but don’t have a lot of time to figure out everything on your own, this is the next best thing.

JG – United States – December 2008

Overall we had an excellent experience. We were very impressed with the quality of the people we were with, which I think is the most important thing for a service like yours. We especially liked Khalid and Moustafa in Luxor and the Felucca crew (which provided the best meals we had on our whole trip!).

JB – United States – November 2008

First I want to say that every aspect of the trip you organised was absolutely perfect. We were all blown away by the friendliness and warmth of everyone we met an all the people involved in taking care of us during our holiday. The Nubian guesthouse was fantastic. It was well kept, clean and comfortable. Luxor was also fantastic. Having an Egyptologist with us at the Valley of Kings was definitely worth it. It made so much difference to what we were able to see – we really got to understand a whole lot more than we read in the tourist books. The bicycle riding was a really good choice as well – a nice ride from the valley of Kings back to the Fayrouz – and that was another awesome place, by the way. The balloon ride was spectacular. It was great to be able to see Queen Hatshepsut’s temple, the Collosi and the Ramesseum from the air. I mustn’t forget to mention the Felucca trip. I don’t think any of us was ever more relaxed. That was for us a really great way to experience a cruise on the Nile. The crew were great – an easy going bunch of guys that made us comfortable. The food was good – quite impressive what they can cook up in such a small space. Altogether, everything went really well, not a single hitch the whole time. It was really an awesome trip that we’ll not forget and we will definitely be recommending Egypt and yourself to anyone who asks. I don’t think this trip would’ve turned out as good had we tried to organise everything with local travel agents – we would have most probably ended up with a big tour group and that was what we wanted to avoid.

RK – South Africa – October 2008

Your planning was fabulous, and the cellphone and text messaging really meant a lot. When one travels to far off places and locations, it’s nice to have someone know where we are. It was just so helpful to know that you were keeping up with us as we explored and found ourselves with many different drivers and guides. All the pickup points were carefully executed by all those you’d hired to help us. Thanks for that continued presence of yours as we journeyed. We felt spoiled having had you within ear shot when we went on to Israel alone.

DS – United States – September 2008

Just a quick email to say thank you for everything while we were in Egypt. We had an amazing trip…it wasn’t stressful at all and I think that’s thanks to your great organization

LW – Australia – August 2008

Our trip was organized through Backpacker Concierge which. Whilst “backpacker” has a connotation for travelling on a shoestring, Eric, the MD, can also custom make itineraries which are great. This was the reason why we chose him and we do not regret it at all. Our highlights: Lake Nasser cruise with Moevenpick Prince Abbas. Abu Simbel temple is a must! A Nile cruise with a small boat the Nile Adventurer run by AberKrombie which was absolutely wonderful, of course the Pyramids especially if you stay at the Oberoi Mena House Hotel. However one thing which I would highly recommend is the White Desert: absolutely stunning and very very picturesque!!! Overall a very nice trip indeed.

TD – France – June 2008

Eric from Backpacker Concierge was wonderful. The moment we reached Cairo, he met us and gave us a local mobile phone so that we could keep in touch with him and his agents. All we had to do was get a recharge card and we were connected all the time. He called us regularly during our trips to know whether everything was satisfactory or not. The most important thing was that the trips he organized for us proved to be the highlights of our Egyptian travels. Do get in touch with him, if you are going to Egypt. His is one of the best concierge services available for the independent traveler.

AP – India – April 2008

We returned home from Luxor last night and just wanted to thank you. We really loved our tour guides for Aswan and Kom Ombo, especially Doaa. She was really great, and Khaleb was a ton of help and really nice.

JS – United States – April 2008

We had a great trip with Waheed — loved having the meal at his house and camping — it was really perfect. No complaints! I have and will continue to recommend you guys. It was a really neat addition to my college roommate’s Egyptian experience.

JM – United States – April 2008

Right at the beginning [of our discussion], Eric took a few of my disjointed plans and drafted a [16-day] itinerary to fit our plans, at a very reasonable price (significantly less than prices I saw for similar long-duration tours booked through other companies, and including tips for drivers/various support staff). Further, Eric monitored our trip’s progress every day, checking in with his associates who were responsible for different portions. Overall I would highly recommend Eric and for any independent travellers who want to avoid the huge-tour-group experience.

TT – India – March 2008

I have just got back from an amazing trip in Egypt. We had huge amounts of help planning our itinerary from the wonderful Eric from Backpacker Concierge – before we spoke to Eric we were quite clueless about how to get from A to B and were a little apprehensive about travelling as two young girls on our own. He came up with some great ideas for us, and planned our excellent itinerary according to what we wanted to do/see, as well as all our tour guides, hotels, internal flights and transfers and extra excursions. We had the convenience and reassurance of having everything organised for us, but were completely independent, got to do/see exactly what we wanted and got much more of a local experience than we would have had had we been in a large tour group on a hideous bus. Egypt is the kind of country where it is a REALLY huge help to have local knowledge to get you the best prices and someone to look out for you – I can not recommend Eric and all the other people we met through Backpacker Concierge highly enough.

PE – Australia – March 2008

Your company arranged a unique and exciting view of the region. Your guides were genuinely helpful, Khalid and Mahmood and the whole crew. The trip was both relaxing and intense, certainly more authenic than the river boat cruise. It was a trip I will never forget. We were never afraid, always accompanied and well cared for. Thank you again for a trip of a lifetime.

PB – United States – March 2008

I just wanted to say thank you…sooo much! You are such a wonderful tour guide and person. I am already telling everyone I know all about Backpacker Concierge.

KR – United States – March 2008

Eric was someone who I decided I could trust after communicating via email, and I made the correct choice. For those that are afraid of completely winging things, he can provided honest advice and bookings.

SB – England – February 2008