Turkey: Wild Turkey

Wild Turkey

Venture further than most travelers and explore Western Turkey, where you will find Kurdish nomads, the world’s oldest religious monument, and beautiful mountain vistas.

Southeastern Anatolia and the Black Sea region offer very different opportunities to immerse yourself in the local culture, sample local cuisine, and visit some of the most beautiful sites in all of Turkey.

Southeastern Anatolia

Discover the undiscovered in southeastern Turkey through a series of homestays and day-trips to historical sites and enchanting villages.

Pay homage to the biblical birthplace of Abraham in Sanliurfa, a city of culinary delights where you will hear a mixture of Arabic and Kurdish.

Visit the Arabic beehive houses in Harran, one of the oldest continuously inhabited places in the world.

Walk amongst the world’s oldest religious monument at Gobekli Tepe, a center of religious worship 11,500 years ago and rumored to be the original site of the Garden of Eden. Nearby, you may visit a moon-worshipping site where it is believed the pagan ritual of planet worship was continued up until the 1950s.

No trip to the southeast is complete without a jaunt to Mt. Nemrut to visit the 2,000-year-old statues of King Antiochus of Commagene atop the 7,000-foot mountain.

Half and full day tours are available in the region for those short on time.

Black Sea

Journey through the mountain studded landscape of the Black Sea between Amasya and Kars, stopping at Trabzon and Erzurum. Other than great historical significance, the region is known for its lush vegetation, which adds a stunning backdrop to any program here.

- View Mt. Ararat, the rumored resting place of Noah’s Ark
- Stroll through the beautiful ruins of Ani, a former Armenian capital once home to one million people
- Trek the Kackar Mountains and visit the Monastery of the Virgin Mary, which clings to the rockfaces near Trabzon

Dozens of other activities and visits are on offer, as well as access to rustic accommodation and the gateways to Armenia and Georgia.


Since the days when Anthony and Cleopatra met, the Turquoise Coast has been a premiere sailing destination. Explore the waters, villages, and ancient ruins of this gorgeous area in your private gulet.

This will be a time for decompression from your hectic life as the itinerary is a free flowing one. Curl up undisturbed in a cushioned corner with your book. Culinary enthusiasts can learn the chef’s secret sauces in the galley. Avid sailors and those who want to learn a little can take over the helm and assist in navigation.

Your pace will be a relaxed one, with time each day for swimming, snorkeling, and pampering by your chefs, who serve mouth-watering feasts al fresco on deck.

Prices start at $2000 USD per night for a privately chartered gulet on the Aegean or Mediterranean Sea. Click on the map functionality to learn more.

Minimum duration: 4 nights
Minimum size: 4 cabins.


While exploring the Lycian Way or relaxing on of the Mediterranean’s beaches, why not treat yourself to a relaxing afternoon sail around the island of Kekova, famed for its sunken city?

Kekova overlooks the ruins of a submerged town whose narrow streets and buildings are clearly visible through the crystal clear waters of the bay. You will also see the Crusader castle atop the tiny island of ancient Simena, a timeless village of connecting footpaths and quays. You may opt to explore the island before continuing to the Lycian settlement at Aperlae and later taking a dip in the Mediterranean’s cool waters.

All in all, a fabulous day-trip for anyone visiting the area between Antalya and Dalyan.