Choose your level of service:

1) Customized program from A to Z includes guiding, transport and accommodation. All approximate starting prices are per person per day, based on two people traveling together:

Egypt: $150 in guesthouses, $200 in 4-star and $300+ in 5-star                                                    Jordan: $190 in guesthouses, $250 in 4-star and $400+ in 5-star

We do not offer group tours. All programs are 100% customized/privatized. 

2) One-off excursions, like no-hassle guiding in Cairo, hiking in Wadi Rum or sailing the Nile.       Prices available on request.

3) Looking for advice? Our planning fee is USD150 per couple. Includes one 30-minute Skype conversation and unlimited email support until you arrive in-country. 


Need assistance outside of Egypt + Jordan?
contact sister-company tripscaper